Large Double-Sided Irish Silver Saint Brigid's Cross

Large Double-Sided Irish Silver Saint Brigid's Cross
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Celtic jewelry made in Ireland by JMH Jewelry, Dublin. This large double-sided sterling silver St. Brigid's cross is a replica in miniature of the four-armed cross made of rushes which is associated with Saint Brigid, Ireland's "Mary of the Gaels."

Saint Brigid (or Brigit) was born in the fifth century and became a powerful and beloved Irish religious figure, second only to Saint Patrick. She has been described as "a saint who was at least as interested in farming and domestic matters as she was effective in prayer and leadership." Known for her humility and concern for the poor, it has been written that "oftentimes when the very greatest sought her, they found her not in the hall nor the church, but, though it might be blowing or snowing, off in the fields herding the cattle that gave milk to the monastery, or the sheep that gave them wool." One delightful legend describes a time when Brigid was caught in a sudden rain shower while tending sheep. Taking off her wet cloak, she hung it on a sunbeam to dry...

Saint Brigid's crosses made of rushes are hung up in Irish homes on Saint Brigid's Day (the old Celtic Festival of Imbolc) on February 1. In Irish folk tradition, it is believed to protect the building from fire.

This sterling silver cross has been assayed and hallmarked at Dublin Castle, Ireland, and comes presented in a JMH gift box. An 18 inch sterling silver chain is included.

For a larger view, please click on the image. Actual size of the cross is 1 inch wide.