Ordering the Correct Ring Size...


The easiest thing is to have a jeweler check your size if you're not sure what size ring you wear... fingers are a bit larger in warm weather and smaller in cold weather, so take that into account, as well as the fact that your right and left hands will probably be different from each other. The ring should just "catch the knuckle" when pulling it off-- that's a perfect fit. If your ring is just a little tight, it can be stretched up as much as one half size at almost any jewelry store. Knotwork rings and lettered claddagh rings are each made to a particular size and cannot be sized up or down.

In a pinch, you can estimate your ring size by wrapping a piece of string, wire, a paper clip or a "twistie" around your finger, making sure to allow for clearance over the knuckle. Mark where the ends overlap, and then measure the length...

1 & 11/16 inches is a size 3

1 & 13/16 inches is a size 4

1 & 15/16 inches is a size 5

2 & 1/16 inches is a size 6

2 & 3/16 inches is a size 7

2 & 5/16 inches is a size 8

2 & 7/16 inches is a size 9

2 & 9/16 inches is a size 10

2 & 11/16 inches is a size 11

2 & 13/16 inches is a size 12

2 & 15/16 inches is a size 13

Remember on wide band rings to order at least one half to one full size larger than for a regular narrow band ring.


Jewelry makers tend to vary in the way they measure ring sizes; some measure at the center of the ring, others at the "leading edge". This can make it hard when ordering on the Internet. If in the end, you receive the ring and it doesn't fit, keep the box and carefully wrap just the ring itself in tissue, and mail it back to us by First Class letter rate to Island Ireland Marketplace, 1510 Quarry Lane, Lancaster PA 17603. Please be sure the ring is wrapped so that it will not be damaged in transit. You may want to insure the package to protect yourself against loss or damage in transit, as we can only make exchanges on goods that we receive back in perfect condition. We will mail you out a replacement as soon as possible. Remember to include your return address and the size you need to have in exchange.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not remove any tags that may have come with the ring if you want to exchange it for size.

Thanks for shopping with us. Working together we'll get you a great looking and great fitting ring from Ireland...